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[I shall post my written creations here, as I normally do :)]

******It is the year UC-174, and chaos has erupted. The colonies of the recently founded Side 10 have banded together and formed the Third Republic of Zeon. The leader of the newly formed Republic, Arthur Cicero has waged war on the Colonial Federation as an act of revenge for the destruction of the previous Zeon Alliance, and the death of his father Connor Cicero, 30 years ago******

Arthur: We demand justice for the travesty the Federation commited against the Republic of Zeon! We demand that the Grand Leader of the Federation surrender himself or the Federation colonies shall face destruction!

Senator 1: We simply cannot honor such a ridiculous request! Why should the Federation attone for something that happened 30 years ago?

Senator 2: Dwelling on the past could end in disaster for you, Arthur! Trying to get revenge for your father's death is no excuse for holding a gun to our heads! Let go of it!

Arthur: No! Your soldiers gunned down my father in cold blood AFTER he had surrendered! Why should I simply let go of something like that? You Federation Pigs claim you're all about honor and justice, but you don't seem to believe in taking prisoners! Mark my words: You all shall pay one way or another!

(Arthur storms out of the meeting room)

Senator 3: Hmm. How has our search for Side 10 fared?

Senator 1: I'm afraid we've had no luck so far. The entire cluster of colonies has moved to another region of space ever since this new Zeon Alliance was formed. We have been unable to track them.

Federation Leader: We must double our efforts if we are to put a stop to this. Send a message to all the Federation colonies to begin searching every inch of space around Earth for those colonies. (The Leader stands up) if we are to ensure peace and justic throughout space we must bring down the Republic of Zeon by any means necessary!


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You big stupid Jellyfish.


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